Keep your well visible. You don’t want it being hit by vehicles nor do you want to use chemicals near it. Illinois enjoys a generous supply of groundwater, although it is not always evenly distributed. Depth to aquifers also will vary. Interestingly, variation can occur at distances of a few feet. It just depends on Mother Nature. Illinois is fortunate to have an abundance of geological information on file at the State Water Survey and the State Geological Survey. This data comes from water well construction logs submitted by the water well contraction. Records go back before 1890.

A typical construction method for domestic water well in Illinois is drilled water wells. The underlying geology (bedrock or sand / gravel) will change slightly with the materials used in construction.

Drilled Well Typical Characteristics

  • 4-6 inches in diameter
  • 125 – 300 feet deep (but can be as much as 1000 ft)
  • Drilling method either rotary or cable tool
  • PVC or Steel Casing