Water Softening Conditions & Equipment

At Sauk Valley Plumbing, our commitment is to make sure the water in your home is the best it can be. Although we can give you an overview of water problems on this website, the very best way to handle those problems is to have one of our representatives come to your home for a no obligation water test, at no cost to you. We can diagnose any water problems, such as hard water, iron or bacteria, and recommend the best way to correct it.

Iron Removal Iron problems cause nightmares for the water treatment industry. The first method used to remedy the problem was greensand filtration. However, greensand had many problems. It wore out quickly, and worse, used a chemical to clean itself. The chemical was potassium permanganate. This alone made it an unpopular choice among homeowners. Next came chlorinators. Although they were more effective than greensand filtration, they were also problematic. They are very expensive, and have high maintenance costs. Additionally, most people do not like the idea of adding a chemical to their water. At Sauk Valley Plumbing, we don’t use any chemicals to treat iron problems. Rather, our Non-Chemical Iron Removal Systems uses three simple principles to remove iron; oxidation, precipitation, then filtration. Additionally, we are so confident in the system, we give it a 90 day money back guarantee.

  • Sparkling Clear, Quality Water From Your Own Faucet
  • More Convenient – It’s right at your fingertips.
  • Energy Efficient – Uses only line pressure.
  • Money Saving – Replaces expensive bottled water.
  • Better Tasting Water – Removes unpleasant tastes and odors.
  • Better Looking Water – Crystal clear water and sparkling ice cubes.

Reverse Osmosis has become a common home water treatment method for drinking water that might be contaminated. The reverse osmosis process requires a driving force to push the fluid, such as feed water, through an RO membrane. One of the best methods of water filtration is reverse osmosis. This is so unique that it has been referred to as hyper-filtration. Drinking water goes through an RO membrane that can remove almost anything. To ensure the membrane works properly, there are also pre-filtration units, as well as a storage tank for the RO purified water. This Reverse Osmosis system is not as costly as many think, call Sauk Valley Plumbing for a free consultation.