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There are several brands of pumps out there. We service and install Zoeller, Hydromatic and the Pro Series Pumps. Some people have questions about what the differences are between an ejector pump, sump pump and a battery backup pump. Below should clear things up.

THE EJECTOR PUMP is a pump that is used in a basement where the sewer does not flow below the basement floor (overhead sewer). So any drains in the basement must be pumped up into the sewer system. In most cases an ejector pump will be a 2″ discharge sewage pump to handle any solids that may enter the pump pit. These pits are also sealed to prevent any sewer odors from getting into your home or building.

THE SUMP PUMP is designed to handle any seepage water from around the home. There are usually drain tiles under the footing of the home that drain into a pump pit. The pump, which is normally 1 1/2″ discharge, pumps the water back outside. These pits are not normally sealed since there is no sewage entering this pit. Also, most codes do not allow sump pumps to discharge into the sanitary sewer system.

THE BATTERY BACKUP PUMPS are used inside a sump pump pit. They are not designed to pass any solids so they cannot be used in an ejector pump pit. The purpose of having a battery backup system is in case the primary (A/C powered) pump cannot keep up, fails, the circuit breaker pops, or the power goes out. The backup pump will turn on and handle the emergency for you. A good backup system will have alarms alerting you to the emergency.

COMMERCIAL AND GRINDER PUMPS. There are many manufacturers of these types of pumps. If you have a need for one to be serviced, please call us with the make and model number. If you do not know these, do not worry, we can come out and identify what you have installed. We are able to get repair parts for most of these systems, and if they are beyond repair we can recommend a good replacement.